Bachelor Scholarship Application

Deadline for Application is August 1st for starting in the Fall semester and December 1st for a Spring start.

This application form is for the request of financial support for tuition only at the Bachelor Level through UCCI. This application is required of Civil Servants who wish to receive financial support to pursue their Bachelors Degree at UCCI.

The details provided below will help the Civil Service College determine if a Civil Servant will be sponsored through the Civil Service College Scholarship programme.

Please note the following requirements must be met before submitting this form:

1. The Civil Servant must be Caymanian/Cayman Status Holder

2. Priority will be given to Civil Servants who have completed or be completing their Associates in Public Administration Degree through the Civil Service College

3. If selected for the scholarship, the Civil Servant must sign agreement after being selected to reimburse the CSC for any expenses incurred supporting the Civil Servant should they fail to complete the entire Bachelors Programme. .

4. Undergraduate must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in their Associates Degree.

5. The Civil Servant MUST be accepted into UCCI and provide Acceptance Letter below.
Please apply for Admission at UCCI first by visiting the following:

6. Civil Servant must have their direct Supervisor or the Head of Department/Chief Officer submit a Letter of Recommendation via email to before any consideration is given for this application.

*** Letter of Recommendation from Supervisor/HOD needs to state how the Bachelor's Degree will benefit the Student, Department and overall Civil Service***

An official or unofficial transcript is required from your undergraduate degree. All applications that do not contain your unofficial or official transcript will not be considered.
An official acceptance letter from UCCI is required to be attached. All applications that do not contain an acceptance letter will not be considered.
An email will be sent directly to the person you noted requesting a Letter of Recommendation be emailed directly to the Civil Service College. We highly encourage you to speak with this person before submitting this application so they are aware of your learning pursuits and fully support them.