Leadership Programmes

The Cayman Islands Civil Service College is proud to be an ILM Accredited Centre. We offer the following ILM programmes:

* ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management
ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management
* ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership & Management
* ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management
* ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management
* ILM Student Handbook

As the UK’s largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications, ILM recognises and celebrates individual learning and organisational commitment to learning. Passionate about meeting customer needs, we work in partnership with employers to develop high quality and well trained managers and leaders who create effective, productive, and innovative organisations.

ILM works in partnership with over 2,000 employers, colleges, universities, and learning providers, operating in 34 countries, to deliver qualifications to a global audience. As part of the City & Guilds Group (which registers 1.8 million learners annually), ILM has earned a global reputation for excellence, and is trusted by individuals and organisations to take their learning and development to a new level. ILM is a professional body with a rapidly growing membership of 20,000 successful and ambitious management professionals. With ILM membership, leaders and managers receive specialist support, learning, news, and advice tailored to meet their individual needs. Through corporate membership, organisations achieve a cost-effective boost to their management development investment.

Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation, and the way they are led and managed holds the key to business success. ILM programmes provide leaders and managers with the skills to energise their organisations by engaging with staff and maximizing their contribution to the bottom line.

ILM Qualification Programmes are:
• Practically based to complement the individual’s role at work and minimize time away from the workplace
• Accredited in England by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) thereby guaranteeing quality and attracting funding
• Expertly designed to meet the needs of leaders and managers across all sectors
• Supported by comprehensive learning resources
• Tailored with flexible and practical on-the-job assessment

The ILM programmes are limited in numbers. We offer the Level 3 Award and Certificate programme a rolling basis, a student can start at anytime, but you must attend the Induction Session before starting any other Units.

All students, as per the CSC requirements, will start off by completing the ILM Level 3 Award (2 units) and must successfully pass the Award Level to continue onto the Level 3 Certificate programme.

Institute of Certified Professional Managers
The ICPM Foundations of Management (FoM) certificate is designed for employees interested in transitioning to a management or supervisory role. This 45-hour program provides essential tools and principles to establish a working knowledge of management practice and includes a 90-question online exam to validate learning. Applicants who pass the FoM exam within the 12 months allotted receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. There are no eligibility requirements for the Foundations of Management certificate. Candidates can get started anytime by completing the FoM application online and purchasing program materials from the ICPM online store.

The Civil Service College can provide Government entities with Foundations of Management programme (FoM) with a variety of different setups to ensure success of the individuals, along with the workload of their respective organisations. This include any of the following (or bespoke setup with the organisation):

- 20 hours of classroom time (Face to Face Time) delivered by the Civil Service College, along with the eLearning materials
- 20 hours of classroom time (Face to Face Time) delivered by the Civil Service College, along with the hard course materials
- 45 hours of instructor lead time (organisation Instructor), with limited support by Civil Service College Staff, and the eLearning materials
- 45 hours of instructor lead time (organisation Instructor), with limited support by Civil Service College Staff, and the hard course materials

The length in time can vary from a minimum of a few months to a maximum of 12 months. The amount of time is completely dependent on the learners and organsational requiments. The CSC prefers a blended learning format that encompasses both in class time as well as eLearning time to ensure the success of candidates.

There is a great benefit from the rich discussion that occurs in a classroom setting. Instructor-led programs are offered by ICPM's Authorized Instructional, and Corporate Partners. Instructional Partners include colleges, universities and training organizations worldwide. Each partner's program varies in duration, format and cost. These programs can utilize trainers and/or senior managers to deliver instruction and the corporate work site.

The FoM exam assesses foundational management knowledge in the following content domains:
* The Business Environment
* Communication and Information Technology
* Talent/Human Resource Management
* Planning and Organizing
* Leading and Controlling
* Finance and Accounting

More information on the exam can be found by visiting the ICPM website directly ICPM Exam Blue Print Link (Click Here)