Degreed - Helping You Succeed!


What is Degreed?
Degreed helps you quickly and easily discover, share, and track ALL kinds of learning resources --from courses to videos to articles and more.

How Does Degreed Work?
Content: Degreed connects you to the world’s largest collection of professional learning content --over 250,000 courses and more than 3 million articles and videos from 1,200 sources. All in one place.

Tools Degreed empowers you to learn every day, with powerful tools, including learning pathways
tied specifically to your role and career goals, a daily learning playlist, unified search and sharing.
You can also follow people and groups, so you can learn with (and from) your colleagues .

Insights Degreed tracks ALL the learning you do -- the courses you take, the books and articles you
read, even the videos you watch. Then you can view, share and get recognized for your progress
with your own personalized profile and dashboard.

What’s in it for you?
● Find what you need to build your career. Fast.
● Get access to courses, TED Talks, articles and much more. All in one place.
● Learn what you need to do your job. When, where and how you want.
● Get recognized for all the learning you’re already doing. Every day.
● Rate, recommend and share. Keep up with what your peers are learning.
● Find mentors. Follow people and groups

What are Groups?
● Open Groups
-Visible to everyone in the organization and you can join on your own by clicking on the group

● Closed Groups
- Visible to everyone in the organization members and you can request to join but must be approved by the organisation

● Private Groups
- Not visible unless to you have received has an invitation via email

How do I signup and log in?
● You must CLICK HERE! to become a member of the Cayman Islands Organization.
● Enter your Cayman Islands Government Email (inclusive of all CIG domains)
● The default password is: cig345. You will be asked to create a new password. Please follow the instructions
● NOTE: You MUST use the link above to be a member of the Cayman Islands Organization along with your Government email. You can not use @gmail, @hotmail, etc to sign up but may add that email address after signing up.

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